Sienna "cc" Ross is a Certified Nutritionist through the Nutritional Therapy Association. She will be assisting Miranda as an intern through 2017. Sienna has made healing soup with broth from hearty bones for the class on Bone health. She has added another element of joy to the office. CC may assist in your nutrition exam or guide you in ways to improve your health

with nutrition.

Miranda Taylor, NRTP, EAMP, M.TCM, L.Ac, uses Nutrition Response Testing, customized Eastern and Western herbal formulas, and acupuncture to address a wide spectrum of health issues

faced by her patients.

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Margaret Barham will answer your phone calls, schedule appointments, and check you out when you're finished with your visits. She started at HPH as a patient so she has seen the clinic from both perspectives.

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Josie Steuart joined High Point Health on Tuesdays and Thursdays summer 2016. Josie has an amazing 15 years of experience as a nutritional therapy practitioner. She specializes in pain, rosacea, autoimmune, digestive, pregnancies, basically getting the body (and one's fetus) exactly what it needs to express one's perfect genetic blueprint via designed clinical nutrition. Josie helped bring Miranda back from exhaustion to racing cross country skiing marathons with food and food supplements. You will have never felt so healthy as when you work with her! Join her for free bi-monthly health classes. Josie Steuart's - Bio >

Discover Healing:

High Point Health is dedicated to partnerships with patients, focusing on each patient's individual needs. We are very happy  to answer your questions including:

"How does acupuncture work?"  

High Point Health welcomes Holly Berman L. Ac, EAMP, MSOM, a Regence Blue Shield and most insurances acupuncture provider who will be seeing patients benefiting from acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine on Wednesdays. She brings the wealth of 18 years of Chinese medicine experience to our clinic. She has specialized in fertility, pain and autoimmune issues, but is effective at helping patients with any health issues. Insurance does not cover herbal medicine visits, but they can be a very important step in your healing. Welcome, Holly!  Holly Berman's Bio >